Cabin Cruiser ATLECO for sale

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Principles of Design
1. Efficient Energy Management, a reason for a large cruising range.
2. Sails in shallow waters; Runs dry without damage to the boat.
3. Sound construction, strong and seaworthy.
4. High maneuverability, one person crew is possible.
5. Low vertical clearance for passing bridges.
6. Low maintenance.

Other advantages
7. Large craned storeroom (bicycles, motorbikes).
8. Spacious and light salon.
9. Spacious berths.
10. Spacious and light wheelhouse.
11. No vibrations in the yacht, quiet bow-thruster.
12. Ergonomically furnished engineroom.
13 Rubber boatfender all around the yacht.

Solutions and specification of the previous
1. Cruising on one engine is well possible, all three propellors activated. Cruising range 5000 km, fuel consumption 7 liters per hour with a speed of 7 mph.
2. Draught 80 cm, flat bottom-surface, extra strong keel.
3. Bilge, strake design with bottom plates, thickness 12mm. High grade aluminium. CE category A.
4. Three propellors for propulsion. Propellor in the middle positioned behind the rudder, rotates 180 degrees (means also stern thruster). also a bow thruster.
5. Vertical clearance 2,6 m (hydraulic mast to be lowered).
6. Complete ship is made of high grade, seawater-resistant aluminium.
7. Hydraulic mast, also to be used as a crane for loading/unloading the storeroom. This way you can load/unload bicycles and motorbikes from the yacht.
8. Salon has a skylight with a length of 2,8 meter.
9. Five sleeping accomodations, one double bed and 1 single bed in separate rooms.In addition within the salon two fixed berths. In the far front of the salon possibility for two extra berths.
10. No rudder behind the propellors plus optimal water supply towards the propellors.
11. Standing height in the engineroom at the workbench, engines are well accessible.
12. Four solar collectors, each 50 watts.

Additional specifications
Ship Type: Cabin Cruiser, designed by Meijer/Brekebrede
Length: 14.5 meter
Width: 4.5 meter
Height: 2.6 meter
Depth: 0.8 meter
Waterdisplacement: 20.000 kg (ready to sail)
Engines: 2 times Deutz 70 pk, condition 2000 rpm
Gasoline tank: 6 times 500 liter
Gasoline daily supply tank: 2 times 200 liter
Drinking water tank: 800 liter
Grey water tank: 560 liter
Black water tank: 150 liter
Ballast tanks: 1875 liter (to be devided by 3 tanks)

Crane capacity: 150 kg
Reach boom crane: 3 meters from heart of the yacht


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